Personal Worst!


This is going to be quick… I have no idea what happened today. Let’s just say nothing really felt right all day. I had a terrible, terrible swim getting boxed in early on (because unlike most of the front group I didn’t drift beyond the start line) and losing a lot of time in the first lap to this. Whilst things improved in the second lap, it wasn’t enough.

I didn’t feel good on the bike until the third lap and having started further back than usual that didn’t help. Though I did hit my target here it just didn’t feel like a good bike I was uncomfortable, my legs were stiff and my back sore.

Then on the run I started out at a good pace and whilst I never had stomach issues or an energy low. Kilometre by kilometre my legs ached more and more and my pace started to slow. I haven’t raced with that much pain that I can recall.

Positives? My gel strategy seems to work, I possibly still need more and may have started the day low on calories. However a fuel belt on the run seems to work well. I learnt that it’s the coke at aid stations that particularly unsettles my stomach. I also learnt it’s easy to pee on the run. I was also going to claim it was the first race without any chaffing, but the shower I just had has changed my mind. Probably if I peed on myself less it wouldn’t be so bad. My bad day was still sub-10 – 9:53:31 according to the athlete tracker.

Negatives? Well that brought me in 111th overall and 21st in age which pretty much guarantees no kona slot. So I really need to hit my goals and be spot on in Lanza. Also I have no idea what was wrong with me today, I felt sore and lethargic to be honest and motivation wasn’t running that high. I can’t say why… I hope I can put this race down to a bad day and look to other recent results as better indicators of actual form.

Time to crash out and hope there’s a crappy movie on TV… Tomorrow I’ll start to think this over more.


  • Tim Drew

    Well done all the same mate. I know this will be of little consolation but its still a sub 10 which is a rocking time. Recover well.

  • Rob Knell

    Wot he said. It doesn’t always go right, you just have to pick yourself up again, work out what went wrong and then try to make sure it doesn’t happen next time. Remember, if it was easy they’d call it football!