Ironman Hawaii 2009: The Result

A very quick post just to say I’m done and hit my goal. I crossed the line in 9:47:30! All this despite a shocker of a swim. I chose my start very poorly. I took ages to warm up on the bike, but was good once I did. The new position works very well. As for the run, I felt I needed more rest, never had quite the zip I’d expect. All the whinging done it was a fantastic day and I’m very happy with the result!

I’m off out to indulge myself in all the stuff I normal deny!


  • Laura

    FANTASTIC! You’ve done Kona! Go eat mucho cheesecake and feel rightly proud. We’re really pleased for you 🙂

  • you nailed it!!

  • AWESOME RESULT mate, well done,

    t & h

  • JB

    Hi Russ,

    Congrats on a fantastic result – been following your blog with interest since you went by me in Roth this year at about 6km into the run and much as I tried to keep up you proceeded to run another 8mins into me! Top work…


  • Tim Drew

    Well done mate. Great result. You deserve it with the effort you have put in this past year. Enjoy all the cake you are probably going to indulge yourself with.