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Want to get fitter, or achieve better race results? Whatever your training or racing goals, I offer a range of coaching services that can help you achieve them.

Coaching Packages with an emphasis on realistic programs that an athlete can fit into their life, whether that's eight hours a week or eighteen. The focus is on consistency of training and steady progress towards an athlete's goals. Find out more ⇨

Training Camps providing early season volume in Lanzarote. Cycling on the Ironman course, detailed stroke analysis and technical input on your swim, and some challenging run sessions. Find out more ⇨

Coaching Consultancy for those who want the input and advice of an experienced coach in a format just to suit them. Input on season planning, race analysis and session planning. Find out more ⇨

Swim Coaching for athletes based in Bristol. One-to-one coaching developing swimmer's technique through targeted drill work and practice. Find out more ⇨

Over the last 10 years I've successfully coached a broad range of athletes from beginners through to those on the age group podium. I've delivered hours of pool-side coaching in club settings and reviewed hundreds of swim videos. Learn more about me ⇨


“Thanks a million for all the help Russ. Not sure how I got through the season. All I tried to keep doing was tick off the sessions... I missed a couple, but very few. You're a top coach.”

Mike O'Brien - Kona Finisher 2012 in 9:47

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