Ironman Training

Russ on the Kona Bike Course

Some Pointers for First Timers in Kona

A few pointers for my athletes heading to the big island to race in the Ironman World Championships

Simple Power Pacing Flowchart

Triathlon Race Pacing with a Power Meter

A simple, but flexible strategy for pacing triathlons using a power meter.

Sub 10 Hour Ironman - Almost

Sub-10 Hour Ironman: Where and How

The top level statistics of breaking 10 hours at Ironman – the best races to choose and the times likely to be required

Lanzarote Training Camp: Swim Coaching

Triathletes Swimming

Videos from the training camp show that the swim can be the highlight of triathlon training.

Extracting Data from Garmin Connect

Season Reviewing with Garmin Connect

Reviewing a season when an athlete uses Garmin Connect creates challenges, looking at a process to create a Performance Management Chart from Garmin Connect

Challenge Henley 2012: Kevin's Power Output Compared to Pacing Goals

Challenge Henley 2012 Analysis: The Impact of Inconsistency

A brief examination of an athlete’s performance at Henley, reflecting on the impact of inconsistency and illness on race performance.

Comparison of Early Season Performance Management Charts over 4 Years

The Role of the Early Season Training Camp

Since announcing my training camp I have been busy tweaking its webpage, planning the schedule and pleasingly fielding emails either committing or enquiring further. Among those enquiries have been questions regarding the timing of the camp and how that would fit into a season planned around a summer Ironman. More simply: can a week of […]

CoachCox Early Evening Club La Santa Swim Session

A Preview of the 2013 Coach Cox Training Camp

Final details are being set. In the mean time a quick look at the plans for the Coach Cox 2013 Training Camp in Lanzarote.

Ironman Wales 2012: Nick Burdett's Power Output Compared to Pacing Strategy

A Beginner’s Guide to Power Training

Introducing a series of blogs for the coming months that will cover many aspects of how I use power in Ironman training.

Comparison of Swim, Bike, Run and Overall Times for Athletes at the Ironman World Championship 2012

Kona Statistics 2012: The Relationship of Swim, Bike and Run

Examining the relationship between bike and run in the Ironman World Championship 2012 Results. As I asked at Roth, does a slower run follow a faster bike?