Coaching Consultancy

For those looking for one-off or occasional support and assistance with their training and plans. Coaching Consultancy allows me to offer input and insight into long term goals, training plan development and optimisation, analysis of race performances and many other areas.

Coaching ConsultancyEnquire
Review of training and data.
Guidance on season planning and goal setting.
Assistance developing a detailed training plan.
£30 per hour

Coaching consultancy offering a broad range of options to support you in your training and racing.

Initial Assessment

Before we begin working together we'll discuss your specific needs and how coaching consultancy could support them. It might be you need help reviewing a race performance or training season, or you might want help planning your goals for the next year and how you go about achieving them.

Following our initial discussion I'll propose a consultancy plan specifying my time and cost for this service. If you're happy with the package being offered and the price we'll proceed.

Race Performance Review

I have developed a number of approaches to analysing race data that can help us understand what happened during your race. Provided with a race report and racing data I can offer a range of tables and charts that will help us break down the stages of your race and determine where you can improve.

Training Review

I can review and assess the details of your past training - examining both the schedule and available training data and looking closely at your progression and performances that followed it. I can help you identify areas to work on to further develop as an athlete.

Goal Setting and Season Planning

Whether you have plans in mind or have yet to develop a season or long-term plan I can help with this process. Identifying areas to focus on during the season, planning macrocycles within your schedule and reviewing race choices and their timing in the calendar.

Assistance Developing Training Plans

You may want input at a lower level with advice on scheduling individual workouts. Whether it's the timing of sessions or the type of sessions needed I can help you produce a balanced weekly schedule that will build towards your goals.


Consultancy is charged at a rate of £30 per hour. The exact price for your consultation will be determined and agreed at the beginning of the process.

Payment will be due once a consultancy package has been agreed

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About Russ

“I have been on an amazing journey that in October 2019 took me to Kona. Russ has been there at each step. His experience and knowledge gave me a plan which allowed me to be consistent with my training and which delivered me to each start line confident in my preparation. When I started training with Russ, my goal was to complete an Ironman. This year, I wanted to race. Thank you Russ, a great coach.”

Jamie McIntyre-Brown - Kona Finisher 2019

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