Coaching Packages

Choose from three levels of coaching package depending on your budget and needs. From bespoke training plans for those comfortable following a program, through to premium coaching for those wanting high levels of support from their coach.

Premium Coaching
  • Season planning and goal setting
  • Bespoke training plans delivered in monthly blocks.
  • Weekly review of training and training data.
  • Unlimited email communication; Skype/phone call by arrangement.
  • Unlimited updates to your plans.
  • Access to athlete Facebook group to discuss training and goals.
  • £90 per month
Standard Coaching
  • Season planning and goal setting
  • Bespoke training plans delivered in monthly blocks.
  • Fortnightly review of training and training data.
  • Fortnightly email communication; Skype/phone call by arrangement.
  • Fortnightly updates to plans.
  • Access to athlete Facebook group to discuss training and goals.
  • £65 per month
Training Plans
  • Season planning and goal setting.
  • Bespoke training plans delivered for required period.
  • Monthly review of training.
  • Monthly email communication.
  • £30 per month

All my coaching packages deliver high quality, bespoke training plans. They only differ in the levels of communication and support available to you.

Initial Assessment

Everything begins with my detailed athlete questionnaire. To build your plans I need to understand you - your goals, your training history and how much you can commit to the program. My questionnaire covers all these areas and is normally the central document for the planning process. We can also arrange a time to discuss your goals by phone of Skype and if they're available it's always useful to review recent training logs and race performances.

Once I'm happy I understand where you're coming from as an athlete we'll move onto the next step.

Goal Setting and Season Planning

You may already have goals in mind or you may need advice on which races to target. I've a wealth of personal racing experience, and a wide range of athletes I can draw on to give you an informed opinion about most races. I will help you flesh out a full season of racing, focussing on the events that matter most to you and ensuring you're in peak fitness to race them.

As I plan your season I will consider your strengths and weaknesses. Picking areas to focus on and when to do this so you build to a race day peak.

The Training Plans

Every training plan I build is fully tailored to the athlete it concerns; they are built to best develop fitness and realistically fit into your life. Plans are delivered using the TrainingPeaks platform - the basic account is free and provides an easy means to share the plans and your feedback.

Plans are detailed, utilising Structured Workouts within TrainingPeaks to direct the sessions and clearly indicate the effort and intensity you should be working at. They are normally delivered 4-5 weeks at a time so you can see what is coming up in your program. They're not set in stone though. Depending on your coaching package adaptations and updates will occur bassed on how you progress.

CoachCox Training Peaks Calendar
Monthly schedule delivered in TrainingPeaks

Communication and Support

This is where my coaching packages differ. The level of support you receive will vary depending on the package you choose.

At the Premium level I will review your training every week and email you to check on your progress. You can also email me at any time for my input or to request adjustments to your schedule. We can also arrange a time to talk when required.

At the Standard level I will review your training every two week and email you to check on your progress. This is also the time when you can get my input on your training and request changes to your schedule. Again, when appropriate we may also arrange time to talk.

Finally, at the Training Plan level I review your training as each 4-6 week block of your program comes to an end. I will email for feedback and will be able to answer your questions at this time.

While the level of support and communication is determined by the plan I recognise that sometimes situations change and will always make reasonable efforts to deal with major disruptions to your training - injury or illness - regardless of the package you've chosen.


Coaching packages are charged per calendar month at the following rates.

Premium Coaching: £90 per calendar month.

Standard Coaching: £65 per calendar month.

Training Plans: £30 per calendar month.

There is no start-up fee or minimum coaching period to commit to. One month's notice is required to end coaching service. Full details of these terms will be provided before commencement of coaching.

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About Russ

“I've had the pleasure of being coached by Russ for six seasons. As a coach I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is honest, reliable, level headed and thorough. No element of ego either and is very much athlete focused. Always ready to explain why I was doing certain sessions and illustrating the big picture. Any time I came with my own ideas or things to experiment with he was accommodating and open to suggestion which made it a good two way relationship. His data driven approach suited my mentality and the post race analysis reports are always extremely helpful and insightful. Over my time with Russ I've achieved PBs at all distances from sprint to ironman, as well as on the road running from 5km to marathon. So the proof is in the pudding - hard work - it works. Would highly recommend!”

Andy Kinane - Kona Finisher 2017

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