Ironman Demographics: Gender

Across Ironman races as a whole roughly 80% of competitors are male. Here I look in more detail at how that has changed over the last decade and the regional variations in this number.

Gender Totals

Athlete Gender at Ironman Races As the overall number of competitors has grown in Ironman the ratio of male-to-female athletes has largely remained unchanged. Both genders have seen growth over the years as the first half of the above chart shows. Throughout this growth numbers have remained at 80:20 male:female with great consistency.

Regional Totals

Athlete Gender at Ironman Races by Region At the regional level we see similar consistency over the time period, but more variation between individual regions. The proportion of female participants in Ironman racing varies with where the race is held. In North America we reach a peak of 25% for women competitors while Europe, Asia and South America that drops down to around 10% of the field.

More Demographics

You can continue exploring 2019 Ironman Demographics below with more detail on overall entrants, plus age group and nationality of competitors.

Age Groups
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