Kona Consultancy

Detailed analysis and guidance for those looking to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Kona. Using my databases of over 450 Ironman races I put your past performanances in the context of current Kona qualification to help determine your best race options. See where current performances place you relative to qualification and what will be required to achieve your goals.

Just the Data
  • Examination of past performances.
  • Detailed comparison with Ironman results.
  • Large PDF of comparative data.
  • £20
Data & Review
  • Examination of past performances.
  • Detailed comparison with Ironman results in data PDF.
  • Written review and guidance on race selection.
  • £40
Review & Discussion
  • Review of past performances and comparison with Ironman results.
  • Written review and guidance on race selection.
  • Follow up discussion of recommendations.
  • £60


Based on your previous results I'll produce detailed data that places them in the context of current Ironman qualifiers. Showing how your performances and placings compare with other races and what's needed to achieve Kona qualification.

Download sample data PDF ⇨


I will review your race options and make recommendations as to which races might offer you the best opportunities to reach your goals. I'll us the data produced duringthe initial analysis and also the knowledge I've gained from 7 years of analysing and reporting on race results.


Following a completed review we will arrange a time to further discuss (phone or Skype) my recommendations and the options available to you.

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Kona Qualification

Compare qualification times across the Ironman Calendar.

Kona FAQ

Answers to your questions about Kona qualification.

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