Ironman Melbourne

Distribution of Finisher Splits at Ironman Melbourne 2015 Compared With 2012 and 2014

Ironman Melbourne 2015: Full Results and Analysis

An analysis of the results from Ironman Melbourne 2015

Top 20 Male Age Group Performances and Kona Qualification at Ironman Melbourne 2014

Ironman Melbourne 2014: Results and Analysis

Another fast race in Melbourne – a look at results from the Ironman and times for the fastest age groupers.

Top 20 Male Age Group Performances at Ironman Melbourne

Ironman Melbourne: Past Performances and Kona Qualification

A look at past performances and Kona qualification at the Ironman Asia Pacific Championship in Melbourne ahead of this weekend’s race.

Athlete Density: How Crowded are the Ironman Courses at T1 Exit

Crowded Ironman Courses and Bike Packs

Drafting – a look at the numbers from Ironman Melbourne and the consequences of crowded courses.

Ironman Melbourne 2013: Comparing the Top 20 Male Age Group Finishing Times

Ironman Melbourne 2013: A Closer look at the Results

A closer look at the results from Ironman Melbourne 2013 and the impact of race day conditions beyond a shortened swim.

How Do the Pros at Ironman Melbourne 2013 Compare? A Look at the Top 20 Performances in 2012, 2013 and 2013 "Corrected" for Swim Distance

Ironman Melbourne 2013: Results and adjusting for a Shortened Swim

A first look at some of the results from Ironman Melbourne 2013 including the full spreadsheet, and an attempt to adjust for the shorter swim times.

Ironman Melbourne 2012 Finishing Times by Male Division Finishing Place and 2013 Kona Slot Predictions

Ironman Melbourne: Past Performance and Kona Qualification

Ahead of this weekend’s race a look at last year’s Ironman Melbourne results and what they say for potential Kona qualifiers.