Day 0

A quick one as it’s getting late, I’m tired and I’ve yet to pack for my trip tomorrow.

Not my train

I wasn’t on that today and won’t be getting on that much anymore. Instead I went out on my bike and tried out my leaving gift a Garmin Edge 705. It’s a pretty cool tool, will be even better when Saris update the Powertap wheel to work with it, but even without that having the maps there is nice. It’ll be a lot more use once I’m in Oz and will hopefully save me from myself and my lack of direction.

I had a plan for a big post today, but I’ve just felt really tired this evening. A little worried that maybe I’m becoming ill just as I’m about to head off again. So today wasn’t a big training day, in fact it was relatively relaxed. Full time training starts properly when I’m back on the 17th of August. Until then days spent hiking, climbing and dragging myself up the sides of mountains in the Swiss Alps will keep me fit. I realised today this is the first holiday I’ve taken unrelated to triathlon training in 3 years! I’m not too worried about losing fitness, right now I’m feeling in incredible shape on the bike, a bit slow in the water and ticking over on the run. Once I’m back I’ll start work on the weaknesses and develop the strengths.

No idea if I’ll get any access to the blog during the next 2 weeks. It’ll be an internet cafe or similar if I do and I’m not sure I’ll be that keen to spend the time on the blog. We’ll see. Otherwise in a couple of weeks I’ll hopefully have some interesting content to post.