Posting from a hotel internet terminal as I don’t have an iphone or that much idea about twittering… Pictures will follow next week when I’m back in the UK. Week 1 is done and I’ve climbed my first 4000m peak it was a lot of fun if a little scary crossing the final steep snow fields. That much exposure does a lot to focus the mind on the task at hand. The week has been challenging at times and has certainly tested me. I’m happy to say my endurance passed the test at the very least, though I have plenty to work on on the more technical side. I’m ok at picking up techniques and how they’re used, but when it comes to climbing I’ve a long way to go.

Lesson of the week is I need to stretch more, I’ve had it quite clearly pointed out to me that I’m lacking in leg flexibility which doesn’t help with climbing. My other deficiency is confidence in my feet and legs, I don’t have much trust for small footholds and end up out of balance. Hopefully the next week will help me work on and improve this as well as providing some even more challenging mountaineering. Ice climbing should be one of the highlights, I’ve really enjoyed the small amount I’ve done so far. It’s even helped me learn how to sew again as I fix tiny nicks in my trousers.

Details, pictures and thoughts about Columbo once I’m back in the UK.