Hard At Work

Hard at work in the pool

This is really just a quick post to apologise for the lack of posting. I am a couple of days into my big training camp in the Pyrenees and it’s taking a lot out of me. If not for some pretty solid training there’s always the insect sting to the face that has me on antihistamines! Or alternately there’s getting a minor dose of heat stroke or similar yesterday from a lack of fluids in training. Neither were fun, but fortunately haven’t had a big impact on what I’ve been able to do. Plus getting at least eight hours sleep at night is a great way to survive these things.

Training here is going well, I’m putting in some solid days and hopefully will see the rewards a little further down the line. Top tip is not to lift weights the day before coming out on a big training camp, that really made my limbs suffer on day one! That aside I can see the affect of fatigue in my riding today, not quite as strong as the first day. I also need to relearn proper pacing for this kind of climbing as I’m suffering later in the rides. One more big ride day tomorrow with the biggest ride yet. Then an easier day.

Easier meaning a long run, a good swim and a short ride, but all easier of course. I’ll follow the with another three day period, this time trying to put in a bit more work than the first three days. All in all it should build a lot of fitness back up and give me some interesting data to talk about the following week. On the subject of data I have the chart ready and will post my analysis of week two on my easy day. Hopefully I’ll have the time and energy then.

Today’s picture is my set-up for a brief bit of swimming after all the other training. Yes, I did have a mug of coffee pool side!

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