Kona Bound

Just a quick one as I’ll be boarding my flight to Kona a little later this morning! I’m excited and can’t wait to get out there!

I’ll blog and get as many pictures as I can whilst I’m away so hopefully those of you following events here can get a good feel for what’s going on. I still have my week five analysis to do for those that prefer the more analytical stuff (does anyone?) More interestingly there’s my taper to talk about. That’s waiting on my working out how best to represent some tabulated data.

This taper could be interesting, as I discussed a post or two back I have some new ideas about the numbers coming out of Training Peaks WKO+. I spent some of yesterday playing with my planned workouts and seeing what they meant for race day. I’ve ended up with more training than expected at the moment! Not sure how that will actually work out.

For all the talk of science and maths I’ll be sticking to some basic tapering rules of listening to my body and how I feel more than anything else though. I want a good first race in Kona as well as having the experience. Should you want to follow me on the big day my race number is 1492 and ironman.com will have tracking.

Right I need to get ready and go. Next time it’ll be Aloha from Hawaii!