I’m going to send you away. Specifically to a piece I wrote for Bonk Triathlon, a new clothing brand and a company with which I’ve formed a coaching partnership, a relationship developed on our mutual ability to promote each other’s brands. My side of the deal: to provide four articles each year to help grow their Training section and to wear their t-shirts. Easy to do given the quality of the products. But, I have to confess, I am late with my latest article, due now, and at best think I might somehow fit it in on Sunday. It’s been a busy week with numerous plans to be developed for the month ahead, I’ve not even had time to produce a second piece for this site.

So for now, I’ll point you to one of my supporters and specifically my article on The Basics of training. Incidentally I’ve not been entirely slack, having had a piece on Mastering Race Week Nerves go up on Endurance Corner too. It’s here that’s suffered, back to normal next week, I’ve a few ideas and a little bit of data to look at then.