Weekly Swim Set – Tuesday, 24th December 2013

A bonus Christmas swim session. I stood in to coach Monday evening’s session and as it’s the holidays came up with a 12 days of Christmas themed plan.

Monday, 23rd December 2013 – 12 Days of Christmas Session

Swim Session - Monday, 23rd December 2013

On the ? day of Christmas, my swim coach gave to me…
1x 200m Front crawl
2x 25m Sculling on 10s rest
3x 50m Front crawl – breathing every 3/4/5/ on 15s rest
4x 25m kick on 10s rest
5x 50m Front crawl – pull on 15s rest
6x 25m Backstroke on 10s rest
7x 50m Front crawl – building on 15s rest
8x 25m As IM order – fly, backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl on last in +5s
9x 25m Catch up on 10s rest
10x 25m Front crawl – drafting on last in +5s
alternate lead swimmer each 25m
11x 25m Front crawl – pull on 10s rest
12x 25m Front crawl – hard! on 15s rest
1x 100m Choice – easy

OK, it’s a little forced, relying on lots of 25s to keep the distances down for the lower end of the squad. Even then we only made it to day 10 – the fun drafting set. There are plenty of other ideas for 12 Days of christmas sets on the web for those who want more volume. If you had the time for it, doing 50s or 75s could give a more useful set along the theme.

Merry Christmas.