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I provide a wide range of data and analysis to help athletes make informed race choices. Hundreds of hours of work have gone into producing the statistics you find on this site and I continue to maintain, expand and develop the information I can offer.

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Why Support?

Support for these statistics helps me to commit time to developing and enhancing the data I present.

In the last year that commitment of time has allowed me to update and analyse Ironman DNF rates correctly, create statistics for Ironman 70.3 qualification and most significantly to put my entire results database online. All while regularly updating, analysing and reporting on race results from across the Ironman Calendar.

There's more to be done. Results are now online, but there's still lots of tables, charts and statistics that remain in a static format. The roadmap for development I've set out is below.

  • Kona Slot Information: calculations of allocations and from that the average times for each race, much like I currently provide in results analysis and on my qualification page.
  • Ironman 70.3 World Championship Slots: highlighted in Ironman 70.3 results and the same summary information as offered for Ironman.
  • Race Demographics: general statistics and summaries for each race so you can compare fields,
  • Search Results: find athletes within a set of results rather than having to just scroll and filter.
  • Age Group Summary pages: view age group specific statistics to help determine the races that might best suit you. Similar to the PDFs I currently provide.
  • Graphs and Charts: distributions, medians, historical performances and top 20 age groupers dynamically charted for any race.
  • Find an Athlete: search for athletes without having to browse through results.
  • Race Comparison: put the results from two races side-by-side.
  • An App!

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Kona Qualification

Compare qualification times across the Ironman Calendar.

Kona FAQ

Answers to your questions about Kona qualification.

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