Starting point

So after several years of generally criticising blogging I’m starting my own. The intention is to record what’s happening in my life over the next couple of years as I set about doing a little bit of travelling and a lot of training. I’m a little premature here as it’s another 139 days before I leave my job and actually take on the life of a full time athlete.

Still I have goals for the next 6 months – Ironman Switzerland this July. I’ve a pretty intensive amount of training planned right now with a number of trips to focus on it. I just have a job and a commute to deal with everyday too.

At the end of July I’ll leave my current job and after a couple of trips in Europe I’ll head to Australia for a year. I’ve got my tourist visa for the year, know where I’m heading and have a very rough outline of my plans. The objective is pretty simple, take advantage of the warm climate and the free time to focus on triathlon training and see how far I can take things. I train a lot now as it is, but if I’m not commuting for 3 hours a day and I’m not in an office from 9 till 5 (nearly) how much better can I be? Only way to find out is to go and do it.