Available for English lessons

At least at check-in for flights. I have taught some of the Toulouse check-in staff that you explain that bike tyres need to be flat by saying “your tyres must be deflated”. It’s a step up from miming the wheel and making a “pppsssshhhhttttt” noise. It has since been pointed out I missed the opportunity to teach an entirely inappropriate phrase instead, but I want to go through Toulouse airport in the future.

Back in the UK and things like work and normal life are having an affect. A bit less rest than I was getting over the weekend and the hassles of the commute mean I’m feeling quite tired today. So officially I make this a recovery week before I get back into my proper training.

Russell is temporarily out of service

At the start of the year I set myself a challenge of aiming to train 2 hours a day every day, not on average, but a genuine 2 hours. Of course it’s not always proven possible and whilst up to now I’ve averaged at least 2 hours a day week in week out I’ve had days with less in. So this week will now be the first where I won’t even average 2 a day. But the plan is to come back to the bigger volume next week and then it’s 3 months of building up to Ironman Switzerland.

The coming weekend gives me a change of focus as well. I’m heading to the Lake District for a weekend of climbing training. It’ll be my first time climbing outdoors and I’m looking forward to it. However I have to return to my usual complaint about the weather as it seems the schedule is high winds, cold and rain/snow. I really am getting fed up with it, I only hope we get a hot summer.