To the Victor the Spoils

Or just if you’re lucky enough to win a spot prize in the random draw at the end. I did get a medal for 2nd male in my age group though, but no prize there. First place got a visor so I didn’t miss out massively, my spot prize is worth more! It’s about the taking part though, not the prizes!

10K prizes

The 10K went pretty well despite a lot of running in the lead up and a bit of road rash. Once you’re racing the pains and discomforts of a massive bruise on your hip soon vanishes. You focus more on the pain in your lungs instead. I discovered at the finish line my race shoes had rubbed off some skin on my Achilles where I’d used short socks. You should note this down as the first excuse for buying new race shoes. Countdown to a pair of Zoot shoes begins now! I was 4th overall, 3rd male and 2nd in my age group. That’s right, one woman beat me! She was going pretty well though so can’t go complaining. I was about a minute off my 10K PB on an easier course. I could come up with plenty of reasons for that if I wanted to, but that’s how it was on the day.

Salt Village where the race took place is an odd place, though not uncommon here. Basically a newly built town in a nice locale. Roads are laid out and facilities put in then slowly houses pop-up on plots of land. All well spaced out and modern, just not something you see much of back home in the UK. I guess Milton Keynes was a designed town, it’s just not got such a pleasant beach location.

I’m healing up from my little accident quite rapidly. A combination of not really doing that much damage to myself and the magic of Papaw ointment. Papaws it appears are magical fruits with pretty much any property you care to think of. I tried one for the first time at the weekend and it has quite a distinct taste. That’s not a polite way of saying bad, it’s just different and hard to describe. Reminds me of mango and melon, but not. Aside from being good for your digestion when eaten, when applied to wounds it apparently promotes healing. So I have some Papaw ointment liberally applied to mine and I watch the healing process with interest.

Apart from slightly derailing my weekend’s training plans I’ve found my motivation a little low. I’m glad I’ve developed my training plans now as if nothing else they make me get out and do my job! Particularly important as this week is a big week, going beyond my normal basic week and looking to hit about 40 hours. Next week I can cut back a little and have an easier recovery period. With my plan to guide me I drag myself out of bed at 5 in the morning following a heavy nights sleep. Then just get out there and do it. Riding has particularly suffered, I’m tenser on the bike right now and having to work on relaxing back into it. It’ll clear, but it does make it a little tougher to get out there when you’re tired.

Today’s ride was a revisit of Springbrook after I managed to lose the power file from last weeks ride. Particularly annoying as I definitely rode it much better last week. My legs were a little stiff to start off today, but I struggled up there, stopped off an admired the view before descending back to the coastline. By which time my legs had warmed up enough to put in a decent session over some smaller hills and out on Currumbin Creek road. I’ve not ridden that one since the last time I came out here. It’s not a particularly difficult ride, unless at the end of 3.5 hours of tougher roads. I’ve also had my first Oz puncture, which given the amount of glass on the roads here is a bit of a miracle. Seriously, there’s glass everywhere on the roads here, chucking bottles from cars seems to be a local pass-time. So 1500km in and one puncture is actually pretty good going.

Bond Uni Pool

And just to add some more pictures to the blog, I’ll finish with the Bond Uni Pool. Eight 50m lanes to choose from, typically allowing me one all to myself. Something you can only dream of back in the UK.