About that shoe fetish…

One a day? Whose stupid idea was a post a day this week? I don’t have the time for a proper post today so instead a quick one about shoes…
Adidas Adistar Pro road shoes

I don’t know why, but over the past 2 years I seem to have developed a sports shoe fetish… Not in a weird and twisted behind closed doors way. I just find as soon as I’ve got new shoes I find another style I want. It’s not a performance thing, purely aesthetic. And is it wrong that if money were no object I think I’d have different style shoes for different moods?

So my latest pair of bike shoes are the Adidas Adistar Pros. They’re very white which is great (as long as I keep them clean) given my irrational love of white kit. Fortunately as well as looking great they’re incredibly light and very stiff in the sole. Riding in them has been a pleasure so far, my previous shoes the Specialized S-Works were great, but I feel much more connected to the pedal with the Adidas pair. I’ve been racing in a really nice bright red pair of Adidas tri shoes for the bike too, the same lightweight sole, but a quicker entry and fastening system. Again I used Specialized tri shoes before Adidas and they just lacked the feeling of directness and connection to the bike.

On the run I use Saucony, having switched from Asics. I’m currently racing in the Saucony Type As which have worked pretty well for me and more importantly are a nice bright red. That said the Saucony Fastwitch shoes are even nicer, they just feel so fast and light, but should be used with caution for training. The latest version comes in a bright orange, which isn’t bad, but I’d prefer red. I’m training in Saucony Omni 6s at the moment which seem to work well for me (they look dull though), so far no injuries when I’ve ramped up the volume.

I apologise for the pointless nature of this post. It only goes to show I’m a little vain in my race kit choices. In the end however much I like the look of kit if it doesn’t work for me I won’t use it. It took a while to adjust position and get used to Adidas bike shoes coming from Specialized. The latter is a bit more comfort focussed and I had to slightly adjust the bike position because of the thinner sole on the Adidas shoes, it took a while and a bit of discomfort to work that one out though. Tomorrow I will come up with something more interesting.