The Pain in Spain

Latest statistics for Ironman Lanzarote

Just a quick one by way of explaining my terrible, terrible race yesterday.

I mentioned a saddle sore in my last post. I possibly understated the problem as unfortunately it meant I could barely sit the entire bike ride. I think a trip to the doc will be in order on return to the UK as I have a large lump in my thigh from it! Yeah it isn’t at all pleasant.

I soon discovered that if I tried to go in the aero position the lump pushed against some muscle or tendon in my leg and hurt. If I was on the drops it was much the same. On the hoods was OK so long as I carefully placed myself so only my left buttock was on the saddle! Climbing was literally a pain as the extra force involved pulled me into the saddle. The result – I did most of the climbing out the saddle! Add to that in general having to move position and pop out the saddle on a minute by minute basis and I wasn’t going fast on the bike! For some reason I kept pushing on and determined that this wouldn’t be a DNF.

I thought maybe my run would go OK given how low my heart rate had been the whole ride. I knew Hawaii was long gone now, but I wanted the medal and shirt at the end! Unfortunately I discovered my legs were completely shot on the third lap. Big thanks to Ben G for getting me going again, appreciate the company for the last two laps.

Frustrating to think I was so well prepared and then a sudden injury throws the whole thing. Who knows how things would have gone if I could have biked like I should have. On to the next race and then a final chance to qualify at Ironman UK. Hoping I can manage it then.

Latest statistics for Ironman Lanzarote