ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships 2009 – Obligatory Post-race mini-report

It feels like a tradition to post a quick report after a race. This time a long while after the race, but still…

Not my best day out there. Swim was a shocker, felt tired and having dirty/fogged goggles didn’t help either. All over the place! So having lost lots of time there I tried to hit the bike hard and did a relatively good job of it. That said looking at the power file I was only pushing Ironman pace on average. Certainly far from my best performance in racing or training! On the run I managed an on-pace first lap then slowed! No energy to really push harder and my legs didn’t feel great.

Final result was 4:37:30 and only 18th in my age group! Yep, definitely not where I’d hope to be.

Rather than wheel out excuses some positives can be taken from the race. Firstly my bike split on a flat, but very windy course gives me optimism for a good ride in Busso. Especially because I’ll go in bike fit and tapered. Secondly my run pace would be solidly in the lower end of where I hope for Busso. Seems manageable to me. Trained, recovered and tapered I think I can get under 3:10 there. Of course there’s the swim. Silly errors like dirty goggles and fogging aside there’s work to be done, but I’m going to be addressing that one as much as I can.

Detailed report to come tomorrow. I have data too – the Powertap wheel with Wheelcover was a success.