The quickie Immenstadt ITU Long Distance World Champs Report.

I just wanted to get something up quickly before I go to the hotel buffet, a full race report will follow tomorrow I promise.

In numbers the race went well 7:27 on a very tough course. More importantly the placings were 27th overall, 6th in my age groups and 2nd Brit home. There was some tough competition out there with the fastest age groupers beating plenty of the pros. The biggest thing for me is that I had the 9th fastest age group run. Very happy with that.

I feel it vindicates a lot of the work I’ve done on my running and on the weight loss. Training is progressing well towards Hawaii, this is a perfect stepping stone to a better performance there. My swim, bike and run were all solid, well the run a little more than solid.

More tomorrow – dinner calls.

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