Tri2O Mass Start Swim Trial (First Steps in Video Production!)

Last week we held the third swim trials at the Tri2O Swim Centre. With the season coming to an end and the British summer not performing attendance was a little lower than usual. There was still forty swimmers in the lake keen to practice a mass start. As it was I think they got off pretty lightly and no casualties were taken.

I used the event as a chance to test my recently purchased Kodak Playsport video camera. Overcast conditions meant poor lighting, but the rest is down to the cameraman! I list athlete, coach and web developer on my CV, but it’ll be a while before I add video production!

Hopefully it gives some sense of the triathlon mass start. The lake will see this on a larger scale with the Reading Triathlon on Sunday 12th. Entries have closed, but there’s still one more swim trial on September 30th. The water will be cold, the skies grey, but it’d be a great way to finish the open water season (I’ll be enjoying the warm seas and sun in Hawaii mind you!)

Now to come up with my next video project to practice those film making skills. Open to suggestions on that one. I’m sure there’s a director somewhere inside me!