Lanzarote Training Camp 2013 Day 1: Arrivals

They are all here. Some journeys were more complex than others, but everyone has arrived and the camp officially started with a sociable run on the trails north of Sands Beach. In good training camp tradition (or the danger of not recceing the full course) my planned route went a little further off-road than I’d intended. At least we stuck to the intended sociable pace, a chance to get to know each other rather than to race (we’re holding a time trial tomorrow).

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013 Welcome Dinner

(next time we’ll have a better camera than my iPhone!)

Day one is a light day: a run and then a late dinner once everyone had arrived. The buffet went down well, portions were modest at this stage of the camp. After the food came the freebies with each athlete receiving a Bonk Triathlon t-shirt, a tube of Nuun with a bottle, a Huub swim cap and some GU Energy sample packs. And I took deliver of my On trainers to trial over the camp, comfortable for walking, I’m looking forward to testing them running tomorrow.

Lanzarote Training Camp 2013 Freebies

Tomorrow the real training begins. Starting at 7:15 in the pool for some short time trials to establish Critical Swim Speed; then a 75km bike, one of the easier routes available on the island; finally we’ll close the day with a 5K time trial on the roads.