Global Warming (pre first training camp)

I’d really appreciate it if environmental change could focus on the warming side of things. I head to Pyrenees Multisport tomorrow for 5 days of training and following the weather reports it looks like I can expect to be cold and wet. I’m not asking for full on summer weather, but warm spring weather would be nice. I’ll continue reloading 4 different weather reports hoping things get better.

Whatever happens the goals of the trip are lots of bike mileage a good amount of it hilly and a daily run of at least 10K. There’ll be no swimming, I’ll try and compensate for this when I return with a few trips to Masters sessions. The other aim is not to crash, last time I was there I did a lot of damage to my bike and I’d like to avoid that.

All being well I’ll work my bike endurance a bit, maintain my running and get a chance to practice my descending skills (as I clearly need it).