Lanzarote Training Camp Flashback: More Video from Camp

I returned from my Lanzarote Training Camp with over 120GB of video stored on a small, portable hard drive. Some of it ended up in the swim session video I posted at the end of February, but many hours of footage remained untouched until now. Almost a month after my return I finally found the time to put together two more training camp movies covering the other sports on offer in Lanzarote.

The first event of the week, while athletes were still relatively fresh, was a 5K run, or 5.4K as the five laps around the unfinished hotel complex a short way from Sans Beach Resort proved to be. Just over half the camp turned out and put in some solid runs in tough conditions with strong headwinds for much of the loop. As coach I worked equally hard, sat on the kerb, taking splits and filming the entire run.

We finished camp with another five hard laps around that block, but the major event of the final day was the Tabayesco time trial. The base of this popular climb is a short ride north of Costa Teguise, long enough to warm up before a proper time trial start on minute intervals. First and last athletes, Tim Gardiner and Rich Whitfield, wore kitted with the GoPros to record the entire ascent from two different perspectives – while Tim was overtaken by most, Rich passed everyone on his ascent. Midway through you can see Ian taken out of the competition by his fourth puncture of camp (on new wheels too).

It was a good camp. Creating these videos has brought back a lot of good memories, ones I am keen to repeat again. I have no doubt, next February, we’ll be timing athletes up Tabayesco again.

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