Last day at work. That’s it, from tomorrow onwards there’s no more coming into this office, sitting at this desk and typing on this computer. I’ll not have to catch crowded trains every morning and evening and stand the whole way here and back. No more sitting in meetings staring out the window and wondering what I’ll have for lunch. Cheaper lunches too as I’ll not be eating out quite so much. No more gym with the inability to keep a stock of towels. I’ll still be getting up early so I can get my training done and have enough time to do yet more training. I’ll still have to go to bed early to get enough sleep. I won’t have to face squeezing in a session at the end of the day after a long train ride and without having eaten though.

I’ve not said much about my work in this blog, it wasn’t really my aim or that relevant. Having interviewed a number of people over the last few years I’m well aware how careful you should be when it comes to what you put on the internet. At best you’re potentially arming your future colleagues with potential jokes and at worse you’ll not even get called to interview. My initial reluctance to blog was 2/3rds belief that generally most blogs aren’t that interesting and 1/3rd that potentially they’re an embarrassment to you at some point along the line. Going to another country and spending your life training for endurance sports is different enough that I was persuaded that there would be one or two friends who might be interested to read about it. As for the other third, with the exception of admitting to bizarre concerns about footwear I’ll just try to be careful about what I write.

The details of my work are pretty boring, it’s hard to make computer programming exciting. Whilst web development is something I’ve been good at, it’s not something I’m going to miss. To be honest I’ll not be entirely leaving it behind, one advantage of my line of work is it lends itself to contracting and there’s always the odd piece of web development that’s needed. I’m even aiming to use some of the free time between training to do a little bit of ‘career development’ read up on a few areas and skills, perhaps even some certification in them. As I haven’t really decided what happens once I’m back it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. WordPress interests me and if I can think of a useful module or widget for this site I’ll have a go at building that. It’s goodbye to the office and regular(-ish) hours, not computing.

I need to spend the rest of my working day busily talking to people I’ll not be seeing so much any more. Then I’m a free man! I’ll post tomorrow on the joys of being a full-time athlete and the upcoming trip to the Alps.