Exciting Times

JaggadI have some sponsorship! Yep, I’m now part of Jaggad’s Technical Development Team. I’ll be racing and training in their kit and providing feedback to help with future developments. I’ll have a profile page up on their site and be providing race reports to them too. I’m pretty excited to have my first ever sponsor, it’s another step in the journey!

I tried out Jaggad last year when I first came out to Australia. They’re an Aussie company and we don’t see them much back in the UK. Their kit quality is excellent, the shorts and top I bought last year have got a lot of use. They’re also a little bit different, quite distinctive in design and with a neat external leg gripper on the shorts. It is probably the most comfortable leg gripper I’ve tried, no marks or digging into my leg. Anyway, check out their site, they do ship worldwide if you want to try some. I think TriCentral in the UK stock Jaggad too.

I really need to get to the pool now, though the way it’s raining I’ll get wetter on the way there than in the pool itself. Going to be a fairly easy 3K session. Pretty tired after a 7 hour bike and 40 minute run off the back of it. The bike route was awesome, I extended where I went last week and had a more interesting start thanks to a guy called Brett I met on my way out. He showed me a few more hills on the way to Murwillumbah. I’ve also picked up a few more places to stop off on when I do the pictorial/coffee shop tour.