Saying So Long to the Coast

Latest statistics for Ironman Australia

Gold Coast SunshineJust a quick one from my motel in Port Macquarie. I left the Coast this morning, nice and early so I could get the long drive out the way. Have to say I’m a little sad to be moving on there’s a lot I love about the Coast. I’ll be missing the hot weather, the sunshine, the beaches and their views! Having a 50m lane to myself at Miami pool and long sunny rides through the Tweed Valley. Vintage Espresso with the best coffee on the Coast…

The New South Wales coast has been hit by heavy rain. Major flooding in some places though fortunately for the race not in Port. That said could be a wet race. We all face the same conditions so I’m not too worried about that. More about the race in the next day or so. I’ll put up my race plan and goals so everyone can see if I live up to my expectations!

Tomorrow looks to be a busy day for me. Up early and off to swim in the river. Then a bit of modelling again with a photoshoot for Jaggad in the new Team kit. I’ve been working on a new look, but I don’t think it’s quite ready yet! The new kit is great – very, very bright! I spent some of this afternoon at the Jaggad stand wearing some of it and it does draw attention.

Latest statistics for Ironman Australia