Go West

Very brief post, not much to say since last time. I’m pretty much all packed and ready to head over to Busselton. A full day of travelling ahead of me starting with a taxi at 4:45am and ending at 9pm in Busselton. Should be a lot of fun!

My taper has yet to provide much to put on a website. I have been feeling very lethargic the last few days, taking Monday off completely and putting in the minimal work Tuesday. Right now I’m trying to persuade myself to get my arse in gear and out the door for a taper reduced long run. I’ve not run since Sunday and don’t really feel massively like it. A massage yesterday confirmed how tight and messed up my hamstrings and left ITB are. Still this is what a taper is supposed to be like, right? Seems a bit early to be feeling like this though!

Proper blog post with the 2 month review once I’m settled in Busselton. Apparently I can look forward to more rain over there.