Another Down Under

KiwiPosting may be a little bit erratic over the next few weeks as I’m heading off to New Zealand. I don’t mean to imply that they’re backwards there, but I’m not sure on when and how I’ll be accessing the internet!

The main reason for the trip is to attend Epic Camp. My second time after the camp in Italy back in July. I have been warned how it can be the second camp where you really do silly things. After all with one out the way I know I can complete it, but what I really want to know is how much further can I take it? I’m sure it’ll be good fun though expect to find me pretty wrecked by the end of it! I want to make it clear I’ve no intention of being sick this time, none at all. I’m going there healthy and fit and ready to find out just how much the body will take.

Before all that nonsense I’ve a little over a week on the North island staying with a mate in Wellington. Looking forward to some good riding and some good coffee! Can’t wait! I’m seeing the 3 week trip as a great opportunity for a really solid block of cycling. Hopefully I’ll get plenty of Ks in and under some decent challenging conditions to make them honest. I may even have to break out some of the cold weather gear again!

I’ll also try to get a few decent pictures on route and a few posts up of some nice epic rides. Aside from this I’m planning to write up my thoughts on my first 4 week training block of the new season. There’s some good and a bit of a pep talk on a few issues for me! Just how close the next Ironman is has started to dawn on me. Certainly helped me put the hammer down on today’s ride!