Fourth post without a photo, too tired to try and find something relevant, may have photos from the camp later. First chance I’ve had to spend the time to write a post, been either training, eating or sleeping. The 4th day of Epic Camp is over and compared to the last 2 days it was relatively easy, it’s all relative of course. I came in with the conservative plan to avoid tacking on and go for completing all the basic workouts and so far so good. Things have been made a little tougher as I’ve brought a cold into the camp and it just won’t shift. Tough to recover when you’re spending about 8 hours of the day training.

It’s an easy day tomorrow, a minimum 60k on the bike and just the 50 minute run and the 3k swim to do, obviously I could choose to do more. With this cold though I think it’s another day on the conservative plan and get the minimum in. Then things get tough again to finish off the Camp so right now my aim is to recover as well as I can tomorrow and be ready for those last days. Whether I’ll get to fit a tack on in there I can’t say, maybe I’ll sneak something in by the end. What I can say is I’ll not play the tactic of pushing hard off the front of the grupetto like I did on Day 3, no points in that and a lot more pain on the hills.

That’s it for now, I’m struggling here and partly that’s because I’m listening to myself on the Epic Camp podcast (episode 113). But I’m 4 days in and something like 29 hours of training done, brain functions aren’t at the best. It’s going to have been a big week by the end.