Merry Christmas


It’s a beautiful, sunny Christmas Eve in Wellington. A combination that doesn’t work for me. Christmas is cold, dark, and possibly white. A time of staying indoors or wearing layer upon layer if you dare go out. Actually you can keep the traditional Christmas. I like being able to spend Christmas Eve on my bike climbing as many hills as I can with a quick stop for coffee. Beats sitting on the turbo!

You can read a little about the last week over on my blog for Triathlete Europe. I’d planned to do more training than I have, but things are basically on track. I’m riding well and enjoying the new scenery. Plenty of exploring over the past few days with a couple of solid six hour rides. Pleased with how those have gone my cycle fitness is much higher than this time last year.

And that’s it for now. I was going to break the past week’s silence with a review of the year. Proper posts will follow with a look at training past, present and future. Then some pre-Epic Camp thoughts and once I’m in camp we’ll see how I manage to post. Quality will drop (further) if I’m to maintain quantity of posting.

Merry Christmas! Good luck to those having to train in the weather back home!