Happy Christmas

Contrasting Christmas Rides

Well this is a contrast. Two years ago I woke early on Christmas morning got on my bike and rode South along the beaches of the Gold Coast and Tweed Valley. One year ago I woke early and joined my mate Spike for a ride over the steep climb of Wainouiomata and along the valley. This year I woke early and set my bike up in my parent’s conservatory for an hour’s ride in front of the Christmas tree. One year hot and sunny, the next warm and windy and now cold and dark.

Christmas never felt like Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere it’s not the same when you’re in the middle of summer. Having been away I’d forgotten how early the season starts here and what pressure there is to buy gifts, I liked the more relaxed attitude down under. I say this knowing that despite my own indifference I’m looking forward to the whole family being together and seeing my nieces open their presents. The athlete in me would love hot weather and sunshine to train in, but I’m looking forward to a wintery Christmas too.

I’ve a bike ride, short run and a few hours of cooking to fit in this morning so that’s all for today.

Merry Christmas!