Epic Ideas

Epic Camp LogoOne more day till Epic Camp New Zealand 2010 officially starts. I’ve arrived in Auckland a day early as I like the extra time to settle in. Time to relax, catch up with friends and get to know some of the new guys. All rounded off with a superb buffet dinner especially pleasing as I could stick to Paleo eating.

I’m nervous and excited. Unsure of what to expect over the coming fifthteen days. I know it’ll be tough, I know it’ll be uncomfortable and I’m not sure how I’ll do. Let’s be honest, I’m feeling optimistic! Ready to give it a shot just a little unsure of what will happen with so much training in so little time. It’s like pre-race nerves I know that all things equal I can do this, the real question is how well?

Gordo uploaded a schedule of the minimums for this camp. Easy right? Before this insanity starts I think I should put my intentions in writing

  • Camp completion is the number on priority. Partly for the points, partly for the bragging rights and mostly to be able to say I’ve ridden the length of New Zealand.
  • Run every day as I’m also playing Gordo’s Endurance Corner run game. The game requires a minimum of 30 minutes of running, Epic Camp has a minimum of 10km for a point. I’ll be running Epic Camp minimums for the points there, which’ll get me 30 minutes for the run game. (Perhaps I should do 1 hour runs which’ll get me 2 points in the run game and the 10km on Epic!)
  • Maintain good nutrition as much as possible on camp. This means mostly a Paleo diet for me. Realistically I’ll be using carbs during training and am sure to consume more outside of training as time goes on. Think Paleo for Athletes. Ideally I don’t want weight gain on this camp. Weight loss however might be nice!
  • Swim whenever possible including all the optional swims. I’m told tacking on the swim will be hard with limited pool time, but at the least I aim to swim more than the minimum for camp completion.
  • Get some run bonus points by going over 25km once or maybe even twice. Timing this may be tricky, but it’s there for the taking. (If I go to 25km I might as well go to 30km for the extra point too!)
  • Test my limits! I undoubtably will. Epic Camp is the perfect set-up to push yourself as hard as you can and I plan to use it. I’ve talked up my bike lately. I’ve ambitions to run a lot this camp. I even plan to swim all I can. Time to prove myself.
  • But think of the bigger picture. One major caveat. For all of the desire to test my limits, score points and the like I don’t want to hamper my chances of completing camp or the season ahead.

The next couple of weeks will show how those plans stand up. It’s a lot easier to write them now than perform them for the next fortnight. I have to admit as camp draws closer I find the lure of the points system gets stronger. A week ago I’d have told you camp completion with anything more as a bonus. Now I’m considering how I can run my way to lots of points!

Personally I blame Steven! He knows how easily influenced I am and then tweets that if I “ran 20km a day” I might be in for a chance at the jersey! I think he’s optimistic there, but it made me consider my ability to run myself into more points.

Whatever the outcome I’m aiming to keep the blog updated as regularly as possible. It’s going to be an interesting two weeks. Hopefully I can give you all a taste of what it’s like to swim, bike and run yourself into a deep fatigue!