Night before Epic Camp

A quick post as my aim is to finish this in the last 15 minutes of Grey’s Anatomy. Fly out to Epic Italy tomorrow afternoon, not yet packed, but I’ve got the day tomorrow to finish things off. Bike is cleaned and serviced and looking and shifting the best it has in ages. I’m pretty well rested, the result of a bit more post race recovery than planned. A variety of things got in the way of any intention I had to train much this week, not least a cold. The net result is I’m a bit heavier than usual, but I don’t see that lasting the week ahead. My legs are still a bit stiff so more stretching to come, but otherwise I’m as ready as I can be.

Epic Camp has a points game with a pink jersey as the prize this year. There’s points for the minimum training each day essentially a 3k swim, 50 minutes of running and the bike ride. Then there’s bonuses for extra distance or certain types of training, along with a bonus for doing all the minimum training all week. My goal – do all the minimum and get that bonus. If I happen to feel good I may tack on a bit extra at some point just to see if I can throw in an extra point. I’ll also be going for the 1K band swim having been persuaded I should be able to do it I’ve done a test run and it’s ugly, but do-able.

So there we are, apparently my blog is long and I go off on tangents, but today, none of that. Though I did have some thoughts on a completely random tangent on how I don’t get why they bother trying to make Incredible Hulk movies… But I’ve not thought it through and I’ve not read enough of the original comics to really comment well (I’ve read quite a few, but ages ago and I forget). So instead I’m going to throw in a tangent on why the JSA is much better than the JLA when I’m back from camp. I’ll be blogging on the Epic blog if I can summon the energy, but that’ll just be limited to training.