Lanzarote Training Camp Day 7: Completion

Technically this is day 8, as coach I felt it was important I was there for my athletes to the end and so was one of the last to leave the bar. We celebrated a successful camp – with hours ranging from 20 to 40 depending on the athlete – in style with beers (or in some cases tea) in the Soleil Bar at Sands Beach. While we were there Mark and I also awarded prizes for performances on the camp.

Training Camp Huub Towel Winners

Our two towels provided by Huub went to Sam and Ian. Sam for best performance in the swim competition: 49 seconds for 50m band-only, 45 seconds for 50m kick and a 1:33 for 100m medley. Ian simply for determination, completing every single session on camp often on his own, riding solo for many hours on the island and enduring 4 punctures over the week; simply well deserved. We also awarded Steve the drink of his choice for being completely unaware of how strong he is.

It’s late and while much could be said about the Tabayesco time trial (times at least), the swim set or the 5.4K guess your time run that followed, it will all have to wait for another day. I have a huge collection of photos and video from our week to collate and post online, along with a few results. Now I’m getting to bed as my bike needs packing first thing in the morning.

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