Final Preparations for the 2014 Lanzarote Training Camps

It’s not long now. The training camps are getting close, worryingly close. Having finally finished the itineraries for both weeks in Lanzarote I’ll admit I have my concerns about my fitness for the fortnight. Still it’s not about my fitness, it’s about challenging the athletes on camp. So the schedules are, once again, big.

This year I’ve put together new routes and kept some of the old. The first 3 days of each week differ and take in different areas of the island, but as with last year we end both camps with a trip round the full Ironman course and a time trial up Tabayesco. Aside from the roughly 500km of riding planned per week there’s the usual mix of swimming and running too. If you’re interested, both versions of the itinerary are available below.

Which leaves me with a couple more weeks to prepare and then I have to hope that riding in the first week will help me get fit enough for the second. I’m glad I don’t have to swim as well. Tough as it will be on me, I’m looking forward to putting a bigger group of athletes through their paces this year.