Pins and Needles

Too tired to blog much. Currently at altitude at Font Romeu which has my heart rate up a little. Lots of riding at the front this week, holding power day after day far better than I thought I would. Unfortunately not getting much sleep here, might be the room, the weird little pillow, the noise or the altitude.

acupuncture needlesSo turns out I’m still afraid of needles… Not really a big surprise. After 4 days of hard riding my left ITB and hamstrings were tightened up so I took the offer of some needling and massage. It’s worked, but on the downside accupuncture involves 10-15 minutes of me trying not to pass out or throw up. On the plus I did get fed chocolate brownies and coke and it did an amazing job of loosening up my leg. I wish I didn’t react so badly it seems pretty effective.

Weather has been completely miserable here, really rough days of being soaking wet and cold. More kit changes than I imagined and I regret not packing some of my winter kit. I pushed through though and got some good riding out of it, comfortable over 400K so far this week. My only hope is that the Tour of Wessex will be better as I’m not sure I want a repeat of last year. All that said it’s been a beautiful day here, clear skys and sunny, just a little chilly in the shade at altitude.

The views here are fantastic and the environment great for training, even if the thin air makes you gasp for more oxygen (50m fly was far tougher than I’m used to). You get 3 all you can eat meals a day a basic room and there’s plenty of training facilities and good riding round here. That pretty much covers all my needs. The only odd thing, it’s also a school and whilst it’s still term time you’re surrounded by school kids in the day.