Russ and Gill’s Wedding: Results and Analysis

I’ve heard talk of some triathlon event in London, even saw some men racing on the BBC, but as far as I’m concerned there was only one major event this weekend: my wedding.

Just Married - Russ and Gill's Wedding

Gill and I got married on Saturday morning at Bristol Register Office and spent a wonderful day with family and friends at The Battleaxes in Wraxhall.

It’s not an event with splits or results to analyse, although we did give our guests wedding numbers and medals. I can’t even file a thorough race report, it was all a blur, so much happened and I spoke to so many people (always too briefly). A 24 hour adrenaline and endorphin high.

Russ and Gill's Wedding Numbers

What I can say for certain – looking back at Saturday’s results – is it was an amazing day, one I will never forget, but one I don’t intend to repeat! I would, however, throughly recommend the event for others as long as you are sufficiently prepared.

Post wedding we find ourselves at a bit of a loss. Having moved house 2 weeks ago and now married months of planning and organising have come to an end. What do we do with that time? Train perhaps? Tomorrow. Today, my wife and I are going to enjoy some time together after the whirlwind weekend.

Thanks to all our guests for joining us in celebrating the day and to all those who wished us well online.