(Virtually) Hanging Out with the Brownlees

It’s a couple of weeks since I took part in the GSK Human Performance Lab’s Google Hangout with the Brownlee brothers and a video of the entire session – including my fumbled question – is now available on YouTube. In the 30 minute segment the brothers answer a range of questions from a number of different bloggers and those submitted at the GSK Lab site. Topics include nutrition, recovery, off season training and longer term goals.

GSK Human Performance Lab Brownlee Hangout

My questions comes up first and I asked how they saw their career progressing beyond ITU racing. Both viewed it as a likely option at some point in the future and the opportunity to race in Kona is clearly a draw in this sport. What’s also clear though, is that there’s at least one (or perhaps two) Olympic cycles to focus on before they’ll consider making any serious change in focus.

You can view the full Hangout with the Brownlee Brothers on YouTube. There are also more videos featuring the Brownlees in the GSK Lab’s YouTube channel.