Ironman Analysis

Paul Burton at Challenge Roth: An Example of a Successful Ironman Power Distribution

More Than One Way to Race an Ironman

Another piece of race analysis, demonstrating a very controlled day at Challenge Roth and the variation in successful approaches to Ironman

Ironman UK 2012: Marathon Heart Rate for Roger Canham

More Action From Ironman UK

A second Ironman UK case study, this time looking at how Roger Canham put together an age-group winning performance to finish fourteenth overall.

Bike Power Output Compared to Pacing Strategy at Ironman UK 2012

Sometimes You Simply Need to Run

Examining some other explanations for my athlete’s underperformance on the run at Ironman UK.

Proposed Bike Pacing Strategy for Ironman Mont Tremblant

Planning An Ironman Bike Strategy

First attempts to develop a bike strategy for Ironman from course GPS and rider stats. Putting together a plan for Ironman Mont-Tremblant.

Challenge Roth 2012: Comparison of Marathon Pacing Between Different Groups of Finishers

Ironman and Marathon – See How They Run

A speculative comparison of how Ironman running and Marathon running differ based upon a handful of race results.

Challenge Roth 2012: Respective Average Bike Performance of Athletes by Marathon Performance and Finishing Rank

Examining Further the Relationship Between Ironman Bike and Run

Unable to let the problem lie. A further examination of Challenge Roth data and the relationship between bike and run.

Comparison of Swim, Bike, Run and Overall Times for Athletes at Challenge Roth 2012

Faster Ironman Athletes are Faster

A look at the relationship between performance in individual disciplines and overall performance at Challenge Roth 2012.

Challenge Roth 2012 - Russ Cox Result

Challenge Roth 2012 Race Report – Make It Stop

Throughout most of the race one thought preoccupied me: I want to stop. The race report – surviving Challenge Roth 2012.

Ironman Power Analysis - Comparison of Predicted Pacing Strategy with Actual Pacing

An Addendum to Ironman Power Analysis

An addendum to yesterday’s post on analysing Ironman power data as I attempt to factor course profiles into the process.

Example Ironman power analysis - pacing chart using power caps to control the race

The Basics of Ironman Power Analysis

A chart heavy overview of the analysis I apply to Ironman power data in order to better understand race performance.