Ironman Analysis

Thirty Days of Running, Thirty Days On

Thirty Days of Running, Thirty Days On

The aftermath of thirty days of running – finally some run fitness. But it’s only the start.

Training Patterns

Training Patterns

A pictorial representation of the patterns and routines of my training over the last few years. A simpler graphical approach than some of my previous charts.

Training Zones - a comparison of systems for measuring training intensity

Attempting to Tame Training Zones

To clarify my own thoughts as much as advise my athletes I developed a (very) rough guide to how different levels of intensity and differing means of measuring them align.

Disparity Between Training Zone Systems During One Month Of Ironman Build

The Trouble with Training Zones

I’ve long been convinced that training zones were designed to make me feel inadequate – I’m working hard, it’s not very comfortable, but apparently it’s ‘easy’, or worse I’m ‘recovering’.

Performance Management Chart - 2012 Season Bike Plan

How to Plan a Season Using the Performance Management Chart

This is it for planning, the bike is now done. The tools and how to for building performance management charts in a spreadsheet and using them to plan training.

Season Planning: 2012 planned run Performance Management Chart

An Overview of Season Planning using the Performance Management Chart

I suffer from an allergic reaction to strict training schedules, so shaping my season in the Performance Management Chart may give me the flexibility I need.

Scatter Graphs Comparing Average Cadence, Heart Rate, Normalised Graded Pace and Speed Over One Year of Running

A Look at How I’ve Run During One Year of Ironman Training

Following on from how I cycle, I consider how I run; looking at cadence, heart rate and pace data from the last year of run training.

Four Year Trend in Normalised Power, Average Heart Rate and Average Cadence

A Look At How I’ve Cycled During Four Years of Ironman Training

How does my cycle cadence relate to my power output and performance? And what can four years of cycling data tell me about how I ride?

Cycling Chronic Training Load (CTL) During Four Complete Seasons of Ironman Training

A Look at Four Years of Ironman Bike Training

Analysis of cycling data is a staple of this site, so having condensed four years of run data into a single chart I inevitably turned my attention to the bike.

Running Chronic Training Load (CTL) During 4 Complete Seasons of Ironman Training

A Look at Four Years of Ironman Run Training

It was an innocent enough idea, struck by the speed with which I was regaining my run legs and having recently updated my training diary to include the missing six months of data, I wondered – what could it show me? I hadn’t anticipate the hours I’d lose sifting through my logs, trying different charts […]