Ironman Training

An example minimal Ironman training week

Revisiting Minimal Ironman Training

It seems athletes never tire of looking for the shortest route to Ironman. An updated take on the question of minimal Ironman training.

CoachCox Early Evening Club La Santa Swim Session

Contemplating Another Training Camp

As I slowly recover from my time in the Pyrenees, I also start to speculate on organising an early season camp for 2013.

Ironman Power Analysis - Comparison of Predicted Pacing Strategy with Actual Pacing

An Addendum to Ironman Power Analysis

An addendum to yesterday’s post on analysing Ironman power data as I attempt to factor course profiles into the process.

Example Ironman power analysis - pacing chart using power caps to control the race

The Basics of Ironman Power Analysis

A chart heavy overview of the analysis I apply to Ironman power data in order to better understand race performance.

Thirty Days of Running, Thirty Days On

Thirty Days of Running, Thirty Days On

The aftermath of thirty days of running – finally some run fitness. But it’s only the start.

Training Patterns

Training Patterns

A pictorial representation of the patterns and routines of my training over the last few years. A simpler graphical approach than some of my previous charts.

Lanzarote predominant winds

Wind of Change

“It isn’t always like this.” A new form of training camp, a strange hybrid with a holiday where I relax and enjoy stress free training.

Training Zones - a comparison of systems for measuring training intensity

Attempting to Tame Training Zones

To clarify my own thoughts as much as advise my athletes I developed a (very) rough guide to how different levels of intensity and differing means of measuring them align.

Disparity Between Training Zone Systems During One Month Of Ironman Build

The Trouble with Training Zones

I’ve long been convinced that training zones were designed to make me feel inadequate – I’m working hard, it’s not very comfortable, but apparently it’s ‘easy’, or worse I’m ‘recovering’.

April's Challenge: thirty runs of at least thirty minutes over the thirty days

Another Thirty Days of Running

Adopting a familiar challenge for April: thirty runs of at least thirty minutes over the thirty days; it’s worked before, don’t see why it can’t work again.