Ironman Training

Performance Management Chart - 2012 Season Bike Plan

How to Plan a Season Using the Performance Management Chart

This is it for planning, the bike is now done. The tools and how to for building performance management charts in a spreadsheet and using them to plan training.

Season Planning: 2012 planned run Performance Management Chart

An Overview of Season Planning using the Performance Management Chart

I suffer from an allergic reaction to strict training schedules, so shaping my season in the Performance Management Chart may give me the flexibility I need.

Scatter Graphs Comparing Average Cadence, Heart Rate, Normalised Graded Pace and Speed Over One Year of Running

A Look at How I’ve Run During One Year of Ironman Training

Following on from how I cycle, I consider how I run; looking at cadence, heart rate and pace data from the last year of run training.

Four Year Trend in Normalised Power, Average Heart Rate and Average Cadence

A Look At How I’ve Cycled During Four Years of Ironman Training

How does my cycle cadence relate to my power output and performance? And what can four years of cycling data tell me about how I ride?

Cycling Chronic Training Load (CTL) During Four Complete Seasons of Ironman Training

A Look at Four Years of Ironman Bike Training

Analysis of cycling data is a staple of this site, so having condensed four years of run data into a single chart I inevitably turned my attention to the bike.

Running Chronic Training Load (CTL) During 4 Complete Seasons of Ironman Training

A Look at Four Years of Ironman Run Training

It was an innocent enough idea, struck by the speed with which I was regaining my run legs and having recently updated my training diary to include the missing six months of data, I wondered – what could it show me? I hadn’t anticipate the hours I’d lose sifting through my logs, trying different charts […]

Details of the Ironman Wales Bike Course

A Weekend on the Ironman Wales Bike Course

I opened the curtains in our Tenby apartment to be greeted by a bright and sunny morning, the air was still and the sea was calm, I could only hope for conditions like this on race day, in seven months time. We were lucky, many a childhood summer has been spent on British beaches, sheltering […]

In Response to Illness

In Response to Illness

In the past nothing highlighted the difference between the way I coach myself and the way I coach an athlete than the issue of sickness. Being self-coached – a slightly pretentious way of saying, doing what I like – illness leaves me choosing between how bad I feel and how bad I will feel if […]

CoachCox January Training Camp - Day one riding, Arrieta

The Inaugural CoachCox January Training Camp

With a slight creak and sudden easing of tension a seatpost clamp changed the nature of my week in Lanzarote. Years of tyre spray and dirt corroded the bolt till it stiffened, seized and finally sheared leaving this last minute packer with little choice – rapidly disassemble and pack the time trial bike instead. Camp […]

Testing Times

Testing Times

The pleasure of a rare opportunity to swim in a fifty metre pool was tempered by the knowledge of what I would be doing in it. In an act of support, I’d reluctantly agreed to perform a Critical Swim Speed (CSS) test – two short time trials to estimate my threshold swim speed. Test sessions […]