Ironman Stats

Ironman Western Australia 2012: Female Pro Race Unfolds

Ironman Western Australia 2012: Detailed Race Results and Analysis

Full results from the final Ironman of the 2012 season: Western Australia. A look at how they stand against previous years and how the pro race unfolded.

Ironman Western Australia: Average Finishing Times by Finishing Place for female Age Groups

A Look At Past Performances at Ironman Western Australia

Looking at the results from previous editions of Ironman Western Australia ahead of this weekend’s race.

Ironman World Championship 2012: European versus North American Average Male Finisher Times

Europe vs North America 2: More Stats from the Ironman World Championship

Who are faster, Europeans or North Americans at the Ironman World Championship? Digging deeper into the statistics for age and gender over 8 years of racing

Ironman Cozumel 2012: Distribution of Finishing Times and Splits

Ironman Cozumel 2012: Detailed Race Results and Analysis

Full results from Ironman Cozumel 2012 with a look at how the race compares to previous events and how the pro race unfolded.

Ironman Germany: Charts of average, minimum and maximum finishing times for male age group positions

How Fast to Qualify for Kona

A look for a better way to estimate the qualifying times needed for the Ironman World Championship using Ironman Germany to test the approach.

Ironman Florida 2012: Paul's Run Performance compared with the Male 40-44 Age Group Field

Ironman Florida 2012: Athlete Performance Analysis

An analysis of an athletes race at Ironman Florida 2012 and thoughts on the next steps to help him reach his sub-10 hour goals.

Ironman Arizona 2012: Time Deficit to Male Pro Race Leader

Ironman Arizona 2012: Race Results And Pro Performances

Full race results and splits from Ironman Arizona 2012 along with a brief look at the pro race and how the results compare to last years.

Ironman World Championship 2012: Lottery, Legacy and Qualifiers compared

Lottery, Legacy and Qualifiers at the Ironman World Championship 2012

How the Lottery and Legacy Programs impact results at the Ironman World Championship and how that affects the difference between European and US Athletes

Ironman World Championship 2012: North America vs Europe (and others)

Who are Faster, Europeans or North Americans?

Trying to decide whether Europeans or Americans are the faster Ironman athletes from the 2012 Kona data.

Ironman Arizona 2011: Distribution of Male Athletes by Division

Ironman Arizona 2011: Performance by Division

In Ironman Arizona race week a look at how the different age group divisions performed at the 2011 event.