Ironman Stats

Ironman Melbourne 2013: Comparing the Top 20 Male Age Group Finishing Times

Ironman Melbourne 2013: A Closer look at the Results

A closer look at the results from Ironman Melbourne 2013 and the impact of race day conditions beyond a shortened swim.

How Do the Pros at Ironman Melbourne 2013 Compare? A Look at the Top 20 Performances in 2012, 2013 and 2013 "Corrected" for Swim Distance

Ironman Melbourne 2013: Results and adjusting for a Shortened Swim

A first look at some of the results from Ironman Melbourne 2013 including the full spreadsheet, and an attempt to adjust for the shorter swim times.

Ironman Melbourne 2012 Finishing Times by Male Division Finishing Place and 2013 Kona Slot Predictions

Ironman Melbourne: Past Performance and Kona Qualification

Ahead of this weekend’s race a look at last year’s Ironman Melbourne results and what they say for potential Kona qualifiers.

Ironman Los Cabos 2013: Median Splits by Division

Ironman Los Cabos 2013: Results, Splits and Analysis

A look at the results from the inaugural Ironman Los Cabos, seeing how the race compares with the last year of Ironmans.

Ironman New Zealand 2013: Kona Slot Alternative Distribution Graph

How are Kona Slots Allocated?

An attempt to work out exactly how Kona slot distributions are calculated.

Ironman New Zealand Kona Slot Acceptance for Top 20 Finishers in the Male 30-34 Age Group

Kona Qualification and the Roll Down

Picking over the statistics of Kona Qualification and Roll Down from Ironman New Zealand

Ironman New Zealand 2013: Average Marathon Pace by Age Group

Ironman New Zealand 2013: A Deeper Look at the Run

A closer look at the run performance in New Zealand for indications why some age groups appeared slower than normal.

Ironman New Zealand: Male Age group average times by placing

Ironman New Zealand 2013: Full Results and Analysis

Full results from Ironman New Zealand with a look at how they compare with previous editions of the race.

Ironman New Zealand: Average Finishing Times for Top 20 in Male Age Groups

Ironman New Zealand: Past Performances and Kona Qualification

This week sees the start of the 2013 Ironman series in New Zealand, so I look at some of the past performances for indications of Kona qualifying times.

Cumulative Finisher Counts for North American and European Ironman athletes in 2012

The National Average Ironman

Another look at average Ironman times by nation and a revisit of the European and North American comparison