Ironman Stats

Ironman World Championship 2012: North America vs Europe (and others)

Who are Faster, Europeans or North Americans?

Trying to decide whether Europeans or Americans are the faster Ironman athletes from the 2012 Kona data.

Ironman Arizona 2011: Distribution of Male Athletes by Division

Ironman Arizona 2011: Performance by Division

In Ironman Arizona race week a look at how the different age group divisions performed at the 2011 event.

Two Years of Ironman: Distribution of split and finishing times.

Comparing Even More Ironman: 2011 and 2012 Side-by-side

Expanding the look at Ironman splits and finishing time to 2011 including a comparison of 2011 and 2012 results.

Ironman Melbourne 2012: Distribution of athlete finishing times by discipline and overall

Comparing Every 2012 Ironman

Comparing the distribution of split and finishing times from every 2012 Ironman so far. A visual overview of all this year’s Ironman races.

Ironman Florida 2012: Distribution of Athletes By Finishing Splits

Comparing the Quality of Ironman Fields

A look at the distribution of athlete performances at Ironman Florida, the Ironman World Championship and Challenge Roth.

Ironman Florida 2012: Male Pro Performance Relative to Race Leader

Ironman Florida 2012: Race Results and Pro Performances

The complete Ironman Florida 2012 Results with all splits and charts of the pro race. All thanks to some tinkering with the tools I built for Kona results.

Ironman World Championship 2012: Female Pros Interactive Chart

One Final Kona Visualisation

Building a better visual representation of how the pro race unfolded at the Ironman world Championship 2012.

Comparison of Swim, Bike, Run and Overall Times for Athletes at the Ironman World Championship 2012

Kona Statistics 2012: The Relationship of Swim, Bike and Run

Examining the relationship between bike and run in the Ironman World Championship 2012 Results. As I asked at Roth, does a slower run follow a faster bike?

Ironman World Championship 2012: Mike O'Brien's Run pacing during the marathon

Power Data from Kona: Analysing Mike O’Brien’s Race

An analysis of age grouper Mike O’Brien’s power data and performance at the Ironman World Championship 2012.

Ironman World Championship 2012: Top 10 Female Pro Run Speed

Kona Statistics 2012: Detailed Splits and Pro Performances

Full race splits for every athlete at the Ironman World Championship 2012. Also a quick look at the performance of the top 10 male and female Pros.