Ironman Stats

Ironman New Zealand: Average Finishing Times for Top 20 in Male Age Groups

Ironman New Zealand: Past Performances and Kona Qualification

This week sees the start of the 2013 Ironman series in New Zealand, so I look at some of the past performances for indications of Kona qualifying times.

Cumulative Finisher Counts for North American and European Ironman athletes in 2012

The National Average Ironman

Another look at average Ironman times by nation and a revisit of the European and North American comparison

Challenge Wanaka 2013: Distribution of Finisher Splits

Challenge Wanaka 2013: Brief Overview of Results

A quick examination of the results from the 2013 Challenge Wanaka race in New Zealand.

2012 Ironman: Average Splits by Finishing Range

The Average 2012 Ironman Triathlete

A look at how the typical Ironman triathlete raced during the 2012 Ironman series.

The process of comparing Ironmans

The Making of an Ironman Ranking System

For triathlete geeks: a walk through the process of building an Ironman ranking table.

2012 Ironman Races Ranked by Differences Between Athletes' Performances Across Multiple Ironman Races

Comparing 2012 Ironman Races

A ranking of 2012 Ironman races by relative speed based on the results of athlete across multiple events.

Chart of Average Split Difference Between Kona and Qualifying Race for All Age Group Qualifiers

Kona Performance Compared to Ironman Performance for Age Group Qualifiers

For those who qualify, how does racing in Kona compare with racing elsewhere – a look at the differences in performances for 2012 Kona qualifiers.

Thorsten's Triathlon Ratings Adjusted Top 20 Age Group Ironman Performances of 2012

A Better Top 20 for Age Group Ironman Performances?

Another way to compare age group results of 2012: adjusting times using data from Thorsten’s Triathlon ratings to get closer to ranking actual performance.

Number of Athletes in the Top 100 Ironman Age Groupers of 2012 by Age Group

The Top 100 Age Group Ironman Performances of 2012

The top 100 Ironman performances by Age Group athletes in 2012 with full details of their splits.

Top 10 Age Group Ironman Performances of 2012 By Age Group

The Top 10 Ironman Performances of 2012 by Age Group

Complete lists of the top 10 age group Ironman performances of 2012 by age group and pros.